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Needs More JPEG.

Do I look like I know what a JPEG is?

Windows Paint is not always the best choice when editing images to be posted on the internet. Much of the original quality of ...

Needs More JPEG WoW Vanilla around 2006: ZZTT pvp

A really old WoW PvP vid I made back in 2006.

Bent Knee Skin Transcription (Yeah I know the cover needs more JPEG)

Doesn't have the Dun-Dun section (Going to give that it's own memey treatment), and I'm planning on doing a video comparing ...


Old kawasaki ad.


Old budlight ad.

How to Make NFT Art (and get some rare NFT Crypto for FREE!)

I was shocked by how easy it is to make NFT tokens. As a little experiment, I made some. Watch to find out how to get a limited ...


Old toyota corolla ad.


Alte sportwetten.de Werbung.

[Stream Clip] Making a Merch Panel [Feb 23, 2021]

Taken from stream on Twitch, 2/23/2021 Lynn works to make a merch panel for their Twitch channel. Check out Lynn's merch ...

The hook

Old fischer ad.


More dumb videos on this channel and you can also follow me on Twitter @SadHourglass for some dumb writing things and some ...